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Looking to launch and manage your own LinkedInLocal events? Learn from Anna McAfee, the creator of the LinkedInLocal movement, on how to launch, scale and grow your own LinkedInLocal Community.

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    • LinkedInLocal Course Outline
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    Chapter #1

    • Intentions and Values
    • Event Core Values Download
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    Chapter #2

    • Organising Your First Event
    • Past Event Topics Download
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    Chapter #3

    • Promoting Your Event
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    Chapter #4

    • Events - What to Expect on the Day
    • Example Event Run Sheet
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    Chapter #5

    • Managing Your Community and Ongoing Events
    • Example Event Survey Template
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    Chapter #6

    • Supporting and Mentoring Other Hosts
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During the first two years of the LinkedInLocal movement best practices were established among the host community based on experience and this course is designed to ensure you have all the information to make your own events successful.

  • Learn the original values and intentions behind the growth of the LinkedInLocal movement

  • Find out how to organise, manage and launch your first event

  • Event advice including online tools, example checklists and icebreakers

  • Get tips on how to manage your community and create thriving ongoing events that add value to LinkedIn users

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