Build Your Own Community

You want to bring people together and build a home where people want to hang out. You have an idea that could impact a lot of people but would like some guidance in getting started or in executing your idea.

Welcome to LocalX Community Kickstarter Program, where you can learn all about what makes a thriving community, and how to strategise your community for success. Whether you have an existing community that needs a kickstart, or you are just at the ideation stage, this program will help you get your community off the ground.


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    Community Kickstarter Weekly Breakdown

    • Course Welcome and Checklist
    • Week 1: Ideation: Mission, Purpose and Values
    • Week 2: Tools and Technology
    • Week 3: Branding, Engagement and Spreading the Word
    • Week 4: Engagement Strategies and Facilitation
    • Week 5: Partnerships, Monetisation and Metrics
    • Week 6: Consistency and the Community Manager's Role

Program Overview

Community has become a buzzword and everyone wants it.  People want to be a part of it and many want to build their own.  But few know how to get started on the right track or develop a strategy.  Entrepreneurs and brands are looking to bring people together but want a framework in order to get started, or need some guidance on how to breathe life into an existing community. 

Building an effective community can connect your purpose to action, create customer feedback loops, and create a positive experience with your brand.  

Delivered over 6 weeks in video format, each week will include a 60 minute lesson, as well as a group Q&A call (choose from 2 different times each week). The program includes worksheets, checklists, and strategy templates.

Anna will be sharing with you the ‘secret sauce’ for building an effective purpose-driven community that can function in both online and offline spaces. She will share her experience of what made the LinkedIn Local community possible and the theory behind its success so that you can replicate this.  

  This model for effective community building and the structure of this program distills the six key stages that it takes to start, nurture and scale a community.  The program will allow you to launch a community using a values based approach.

This is the first time this program has been run publicly and is priced as a beta test - in the future it is likely to be priced much higher.  The program begins on October 31st and spaces are very limited.  


Anna McAfee

Community Educator

Anna McAfee

Anna is a Community Curator and Storyteller, and is driven to help individuals and businesses to build better and more authentic connections in a digital world. She co-founded the #LinkedInLocal movement, an initiative to connect offline in real life that spread to 90+ countries in 22 months, and has since been validated by LinkedIn. Anna empowers entrepreneurs and brands looking to create and scale their own communities.


Secure your place in the full program, starting 31st October.